Sebastian Melmoth

L-R: Laura Michelle Smith, Ilia Rogatchevski, Peter Jordan, Tomoko Matsumoto. Photo by Artem Barkhin.

Sebastian Melmoth (2006-2020) was an experimental post-punk band from London. Led by Ilia Rogatchevski, the group’s members and contributors, at one time or another, included (in alphabetical order): Miranda Collett, Ralph Cumbers, Joe Dibb, Ash Dutch, Jonas Golland, Daisy Hyde, Angel Ito, Peter Jacobs, Peter Jordan, James M. Lancaster, Jon Lancelot, Tomoko Matsumoto, James Pettefar, Elias Abdul Razak, Boris Rogatchevski, Laura Michelle Smith, Gardyloo Spew, Will Robinson and Underground Eddie.

The band name is both a reference to Oscar Wilde’s post-prison pseudonym Sebastian Melmoth and Charles Robert Maturin’s gothic novel Melmoth The Wanderer (1820). Sebastian Melmoth’s live performances are best described as psychedelic post-punk, but the band’s recorded output embraced various disparate genres including folk, art rock, dance, new wave, noise, ambient and electronica.

Over the years, Sebastian Melmoth have released five full length albums, three EPs, three singles and three compilations on various underground labels including Artificial Dance, MFZ Records, Feline Vomitus, Beläten, OKVLT, Indestructible Energy and Must Die Records. They had also shared stages with bands such as The Telescopes, Flamingods, One Unique Signal, Witching Waves, Cassels and the Sunlight Service Group among many, many others.

Sebastian Melmoth have received favourable praise in print and online, including the NME, The Stool Pigeon and Wire. Their music has also graced the airwaves of BBC 6 Music, NTS, New New World Radio and Resonance FM.

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